HD and Ultra HD Flat Screen Installation

Solid Connections has been installing televisions since before flat screen TVs became main stream.  Since then we have installed thousands of HD flat panel TVs (HDTV) in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area.  Now with the introduction of the Ultra HD (UHDTV) televisions, we have become experts in those as well.

What’s the difference between HDTV and UHDTV?  Well, you can get the details by going to the description given by How Stuff Works, but we’ll summarize it for you here.

Aspect Ratio:

Both HDTV and UHDTV have the same aspect ratio of 16:9.  This is the ratio of the horizontal width of the screen to vertical height of the screen.

Frame Rate:

Most HDTVs have a frame rate of 24P, 30P or 60i, whereas an UHDTV has a frame rate of 60p.  To quote “How Stuff Works:”

The frame rate describes how many times per second the picture refreshes on the screen. The lowercase letter listed after the number indicates the manner in which this process is completed. The “i” means the image is interlaced: every other scanning line of pixels is refreshed, with the other half following suit. A “p” signifies the change is progressive, and the entire image is being refreshed constantly.


While most HDTVs have a resolution of 1080P or 720P, an UHDTV has a resolution of nearly 4 times that of the best HDTV today at a resolution of 4320p!